The Powerful Capabilities Of The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is a great choice for those who need to transport people to and from a destination. This small transport van has the option to seat up to 14 passengers. The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is often used by schools, churches and other organizations for their transportation needs. This powerful vehicle is certainly capable of getting the job done.

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon gives you three engine choices. The standard engine is the 3.7 liter with the variable valve can timing. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine is designed for maximum efficiency. A diesel engine is also available.

As a high-profile vehicle, the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon can be affected by gusty winds. To counter this, this vehicle is equipped with side-wind stabilization. This feature applies the brakes on one side when a big gust hits the van. The van will slow down so that you can make appropriate steering corrections.

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