Ford Ranger is Improving the Driving Experience With Great Tech Features

A long drive can be relaxing; it can even help you clear your mind at times. Technology can also be helpful for these drives. The Ford Ranger is here to improve your experience with its tech features.

Stay in Your Lane System

This midsize truck is packing technology that can help you stay where you should. If drifting is sensed while scanning your vehicle's position, it will quickly alert you of this issue, giving you time to get back in your lane.

Auto High-Beam Assistance

It can get pretty dark at night, especially in certain regions. Turning on your high beams can be helpful, but sometimes oncoming traffic comes. Your lights could blind these drivers. Thankfully, this feature can sense when other drivers are near and can dim the lights automatically so that you don't have to.

If you feel the popular Ford Ranger calling for you, come take the truck for a test drive at Victor Ford in Wauconda, IL to see all it has to offer.

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