Increased Horsepower for Better Performance

Although the Ford Focus is a smaller vehicle, it offers a few performance features that give you the speed and handling that you might desire on the road in Wauconda, IL. There are seven different trim levels to choose from when you're considering the Focus at Victor Ford. Each level offers a few different performance options as well including higher horsepower and larger engines.

The 2.0L is the smallest engine offered in the Focus. However, it still delivers 160 horsepower, enough for a decent takeoff from a stopped position. There is another 2.0L option in the I-5. The horsepower is the same, but the motor is just a bit larger. The vehicle also offers a slightly better fuel economy.

Other options with the Ford Focus include the EcoBoost and Electric. Options for the EcoBoost range from 1.0L to the 2.3L. The horsepower increases with each option from 123 to 350 depending on how much power you want behind the wheel.

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