Have you been searching for a pristine subcompact vehicle? If so, what highlights is your selling point? If execution and security is important to you, then the Ford Fiesta ST is an incredible vehicle for you. The Fiesta ST has become one of America's preferred subcompact vehicles because of its superb features.

The current year's Fiesta ST model has a distinctive body style. The ST is known for only providing its drivers with one sedan; however, the ST model also has a five-door vehicle in the mix. The five door Fiesta ST is perfect for drivers who have an adventurous side. In addition to the unique body style that the ST has, the ST also has outgoing engine options.

The ST model has an astounding motor that is solid. ST model drivers will take pride in knowing that all Fiesta ST models come standard with a powertrain warranty. So have fun in the sun cruising in your Fiesta ST, you're covered!


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